03 Aug 2014
  • Lee Johnson
  • 1 min, 48 secs

What's your perfect iPhone 6 screen size?

There are rumors that the next-generation iPhone 6 from Apple — expected to arrive something this fall — will sport a screen size of 4.7-inches, and maybe 5.5-inches as well. That means it'll go from the old 3.5-inches and current 4-inches, which are now on the small side of the phone size spectrum, all the way up to middle and potentially large. From mini to maxi is broad range though, everything from easy to use with one hand to big enough you might not need a tablet anymore.

That's why we asked the question — what's the perfect iPhone screen size for you? Well, here's your answer!

Turns out, as of publication time, more than half of you want a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 next the most. With over 10,000 votes counted, here's the breakdown:


Over a hundred of you took the time to elaborate on your votes as well. A lot of you fell into the happy medium camp:

4.7 inch iPhone 6

4.7" would be just about perfect for me. 5.5" would be nice too, but I just don't want a phone that big. So 4.7" it is. Like the poll said, it's bigger but still a phone (rather than a mini-tablet). And I like what you said, Rene; "4.7-inches to strike the best balance of small enough to hold, big enough to enjoy" sums it up nicely.

Others, of course, feel like if you're going to go big, go big, especially if it would obviate the need to carry around a tablet as well.

5.5 inch iPhone 6

I have a Note 2 and to me the size of the device is great, and neither I nor friends I've handed it to have ever had problems using it from its size or putting it in a pocket. But Android just isn't as good as iOS so I'm happy to come back for a bigger iPhone, especially now that iOS as of 8 will have just about every feature from Android I cared about anyway. I'd love a 5.5 inch so I wouldn't need a tablet, especially if it registered as a tablet to the apps that cared, but I'd still be happy with 4.7 if they, for instance, were just making 4 and 4.7 phones with 5.5 just being a giant iPod. :)

Not everyone thought bigger was better, though. For some, the current 4-inches is still best:

4 inch iPhone 6

I want a 4" phone like my current 5s. It works great with one hand which is useful while on the bus or walking home carrying some stuff from the store. I know that there are lots of people that want a larger screen but that's the size that works well for me.

3.5-inch iPhone

Very, very few wanted the 3.5-inch iPhone to make a comeback simply because 4-inches wasn't that different:

In all honesty, I would prefer to go back to the 3.5 but I manage with the 4. I really hope they keep the 4 around. Not everyone has freakishly large hands/arms that hold the phone 10 feet from your face.